Sushi has become a world famous dish, and this has drawn mixed feelings from the people of Japan. While the general population is happy to have positively influenced global cuisine, at the same time they are also dismayed at how poorly it’s usually executed.

You probably best not mention your love of California rolls to a Japanese person, otherwise they’ll lower their head in shame.  Even if it tries to follow traditional ways, you’ll often hear complaints of the presentation or freshness compared to the land of the rising sun.

So just imagine if a country like Norway decides to release a series of instructional videos teaching how to make various dishes such as sashimi and makizushi. A Japanese food purist would have a fit.

To fight any undesired criticism from Japan, the Norwegians have employed a powerful weapon of mass distraction: interpretative dance.

The series of three videos (see below) were released by Godfisk, and association of Norwegian fisheries which runs a website featuring the many ways to enjoy seafood. The website features recipes on making sashimi, makizushi, nigirizushi, and salmon nigirizushi.

Even without speaking a lick of Norwegian these videos make sushi preparation look easy.  It makes us foreigners wonder why Japanese sushi chefs undergo such strict training and apprenticeship to learn how to make the stuff.

So in an effort to attract us philistines but still throw the Japanese off of the scent of fishy bastardization, Godfisk enlisted Arthur and his dance crew Human Sushi.

By expressing sushi and sashimi preparation through the language of movement potential Japanese critics are left scratching their heads leaving their literal recipes to escape judgment.

With the globalization of foods we all have to be prepared to see different interpretations of it and appreciated for what it is.  Whether its sushi dancing or Japan’s interpretation of American fast food.

Godfisk: Official Site (Norwegian)
Videos: Human Sushi – Nigiri, Human Sushi – Maki, Human Sushi – Sashimi w/ Salmon

▼ Sashimi w/ Salmon

▼ Maki

▼ Nigiri

▼ Sashimi Recipe

▼ Maki Recipe

▼ Nigiri Recipe

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