Apple Lucky Bag

You might recognize this beaming face standing in front of the Shibuya Apple store, deliriously waving a t-shirt in the air. After standing in line and living on the streets for eight days in a quest for a lucky bag containing a MacBook Air, our hero was disappointed to find that his efforts were fruitless; the best item in the lucky bag he received was an iPod nano and a grey t-shirt.

Disappointed and exhausted, he consoled himself, sighing, “I like the Acer that I already have and I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to use a MacBook Air…” He trudged home, defeated and MacBook Airless.

But this story has a happy ending! Here is our hero’s account of the events that transpired after his epic 2013 Apple lucky bag fail:


■ An email from Acer Japan

A few days after my Apple lucky bag debacle, I received an email from Acer Japan. I was surprised to see the email in my inbox, but I was in a state of shock after reading its contents. It seems that an employee of Acer Japan read my article about my Apple lucky bag fail and was impressed that I said I preferred my Japanese Acer to a MacBook Air. The Acer employee also wrote that he wanted to express his appreciation by giving me a present.

That present was a brand new Acer Ultra Book Aspire S7-191!!!

I typed out a reply at lightning speed, saying I would love an Ultra Book! Yes, yes, YES!!! A thousands times, YES! Please send it to me!

■ The Acer Japan employee hand-delivered my computer!

I later received a reply from the Acer Japan employee, saying he would send my computer over soon. I was overflowing with excitement!

I had my trusty Acer with me when I waited in line at the Manhattan Apple store to buy an iPhone 4S and every time I’ve waited in line for an Apple lucky bag. I love Acer!!!

▼Me and my trusty Acer camping out in front of the Shibuya Apple store

Apple Lucky Bag9 Apple Lucky Bag10

So on the day promised, the Acer employee came to deliver my new Ultra Book S7-191. I thanked him over and over again…I couldn’t stop! I was so happy to receive a brand new Acer!

 ▼  One day in January, an Acer Japan employee delivered my Ultra Book!

Apple Lucky Bag2 Apple Lucky Bag3

▼  This is the Acer Ultra Book Aspire S7-191

Apple Lucky Bag4

▼  Thank you so so so so so so much!!!

Apple Lucky Bag5 Apple Lucky Bag6 Apple Lucky Bag7

▼  I couldn’t stop thanking him!

Apple Lucky Bag8

▼  “I’m glad you like Acer so much!”

Apple Lucky Bag11

▼  “I LOVE ACER!!!”

Apple Lucky Bag12

I also received some Acer swag!

Apple Lucky Bag13

▼  They called it an “original Acer lucky bag.” It was made just for me!

Apple Lucky Bag14

▼ The only Acer lucky bag in the world!

Apple Lucky Bag15

▼  It even came with a coat!

Apple Lucky Bag16

▼  How do I look?

Apple Lucky Bag17

▼  You want one too, don’t you.

Apple Lucky Bag18

■ The Ultra Book lives up to its name

I immediately opened the box and pulled out my new Acer! I pressed the power button and it started up abnormally fast. The speed can’t even compare to my old Acer.

▼  Opening my new Ultra Book.

Apple Lucky Bag23

▼  Hurry! Faster, open it faster!

Apple Lucky Bag24

Apple Lucky Bag26

▼  It’s here! It’s finally mine!

Apple Lucky Bag27

Apple Lucky Bag29

Apple Lucky Bag30

▼  It’s so fast!

Apple Lucky Bag31

Apple Lucky Bag32

Apple Lucky Bag33

Apple Lucky Bag34

The Ultra Book is also unbelievably light. After looking up the specs, I found that the Ultra Book only weighs 1.04kg (2.3 lbs). I’m always carrying my Acer around with me, so I’m so glad it’s extremely lightweight. The folks at Acer must know I need an easily portable computer! Acer rocks!!!

▼  It’s so lightweight!

Apple Lucky Bag39

The most impressive feature of the Acer Ultra Book is the ten-point multi-touch display. You can control the computer by directly touching the display screen! And because it’s a ten-point touch system, you can use all ten fingers at the same time! It’s so cool!

Apple Lucky Bag35

▼  Touch…

Apple Lucky Bag36

▼  …and flick!

Apple Lucky Bag37

▼  So cool!

Apple Lucky Bag38

Acer! You are a god!!! You who held out your hand to save me! You are the best!!!

Apple Lucky Bag40

Acer! Thank you for consoling me after failing to get a MacBook Air lucky bag by giving me an Acer Ultra Book Aspire S7-191! I’m so happy, I think I’m going to cry!

This has shown me that karma really does exist. If you’re a good person and treat others well, you will be rewarded eventually. I was so sad after failing to get a MacBook Air after eight days of waiting in front of the Apple store, but I knew I had to keep my chin up and look on the bright side. My optimism was rewarded with an Acer Ultra Book Aspire S7-191!

Apple Lucky Bag19


Apple Lucky Bag20


Apple Lucky Bag21

▼  YIPPEE!!!

Apple Lucky Bag22

▼  I love you, Acer.

Apple Lucky Bag28

▼  Wait a minute…the Acer Ultra Book looks kinda like a MacBook Air.

Apple Lucky Bag41

▼  I got it!

Apple Lucky Bag42

Apple Lucky Bag43

▼  Heh heh heh!Apple Lucky Bag44

▼  Muahahahha!Apple Lucky Bag45

▼  I’ll just take this…

Apple Lucky Bag46

▼  And put it here…

Apple Lucky Bag47

▼  Yes, that’s it! Excellent, EXCELLENT!

Apple Lucky Bag48

▼  It looks just like a MacBook Air!

Apple Lucky Bag49

Apple Lucky Bag50

Apple Lucky Bag51

Apple Lucky Bag52

▼  Wait a tick…

Apple Lucky Bag53

▼  “I’m glad you like Acer so much!”

Apple Lucky Bag54

Apple Lucky Bag55

Apple Lucky Bag56

Apple Lucky Bag58

Apple Lucky Bag59

Apple Lucky Bag60

Apple Lucky Bag61

Apple Lucky Bag62

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