A New Year’s Tradition in Japan is the fukubukuro (lucky bag) sold in most businesses in the country. Basically it’s a bag full of merchandise sold at a fixed price, but the catch is you don’t know what’s inside. For example, last your our reporter waited eight days to get an Apple fukurobuko only to get some measly accessories, while the guy in line behind him scored a MacBook Air (don’t worry the story had a happy ending, and this year turned out a lot better).

This year our food reporter Kuzo got a Starbucks lucky bag in hopes of some high quality coffee and related gear. Did fortune smile on him? Let’s find out.

The bag Kuzo purchased cost 5,000 yen (US$47), but there were also 3,000 yen ($28) bags available. Here’s what he found inside his:

2 Beverage Greeting Cards redeemable for any beverage of his choice

1 Siren Logo Tumbler

2 Siren Logo Coasters

2 Starbucks Coffee Mugs

There were also 2 Boxes of Instant Coffees (12-packs) and 2 Bags of Coffee Beans (250g).

The beans normally go for 1,100 yen each ($10), and the mugs are nice but don’t really look like high-end items. Overall, Kuzo was left feeling a little underwhelmed by the haul. However, talking to a friend who was a huge Starbucks fan, he learned that the bag itself was worth a fair bit of money. Factoring in that cost, he probably ended up saving quite a bit of cash overall.

Kuzo, who likes his Starbucks from time to time, felt satisfied with that, especially since last year’s bag was only made of felt.

This year’s bag look much sturdier, and considering the price of drinks at Starbucks those beverage cards weren’t too shabby either. Not the best lucky bag ever, but not too shabby by any means.

Source: Starbuck’s Coffee Japan
Report: Kuzo
Photos: RocketNews24

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