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Thanko, a Japanese company known for making unique but ultra-useful objects like the one-person instant ramen pot, released a series of six fukubukuro lucky bags for the end of 2023. The series included themes like “Being Lazy at Home“, “Saving Energy While Staying Warm“, and “YouTuber Debut.”

It was this YouTuber Debut bag that caught the eye of our Japanese-language reporter Kamezawa Ikuna, who’s often wondered what it might be like to become a YouTuber. Could Thanko really give her all that she needs?

The lucky bag cost 10,000 yen (US$68.92) but promised to contain over 23,000 yen worth of goods. Ikuna guessed it would contain some essentials like a tripod, a light, a keyboard, and hopefully maybe even a microphone or a camera. Spoiler: she got something totally different.

▼ Item 1: “Flat On Back” Folding Desk

This item is fairly self-explanatory, but this laptop desk allows you to work or bingewatch series while laying on your back. You can also use it with your smartphone.

▼ Item 2: Honkaku Yakitori

A SoraNews24 favorite, this device allows you to grill yakitori restaurant-style for one.

▼ Item 3: Takitatedon

The Takitatedon is a personal cooking device that cooks both rice and toppings for a donburi rice bowl at the same time.

▼ Item 4: Bad Breath Checker Pen

This pen can help check how rank your breath may be. Simply blow on the sensor and it will give you a score between zero and five, with five being the stinkiest.

Oh, I see, Ikuna thought. This isn’t a lucky bag of supplies to film videos…it’s a bag of ideas for products to review. While it’s a clever marketing ploy on Thanko’s part, Ikuna didn’t think she would have a hard time making interesting reviews as they’re all interesting products.

She decided to do a YouTube-style review of the Takitatedon, which came with many more pieces than she imagined.

First, she washed her rice and added the appropriate amount of water to the built-in rice cooker.

After inserting the inner rice cooker lid and the donburi toppings plate, she added her ingredients for a gyudon beef bowl.

Finally, she covered it with the lid and pressed the on switch!

Ikuna realized she actually had no idea how to film YouTube videos, so she decided to base it on similar product review videos. She came up with a simple intro: “Hi! Welcome to the Kamezawa Channel! Today I’m going to make a gyudon beef bowl in Thanko’s Takitatedon.”

Could the Takitatedon really make a good beef bowl, though? She opened it to see.

Wow! It looks perfect! Here’s what it looked like after she added toppings.

The most important thing is the taste, though. She was surprised by how good it was! The rice was a bit undercooked for her liking, but otherwise it was a pretty good beef bowl. Ikuna thinks she didn’t add enough water for the rice.

“Most people might think using a rice cooker and a microwave is simpler, but this product gets a thumbs up from me since it’s so interesting. If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe! See you soon!”

Perhaps the biggest surprise of Thanko’s lucky bag is that Ikuna made a pretty cohesive video for her YouTuber debut thanks to their interesting products. So if you’re considering starting a YouTube channel but don’t have any ideas, give Thanko’s products a try. It worked for Ikuna!

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