She didn’t get a Pokémon shirt or a Machamp belt. Instead she got something far, far stranger.

Oh lucky bags. The sacks of random merchandise are a great way for stores to get rid of old items while letting customers scratch their gambling itch at the same time. Sometimes you get good stuff, sometimes you get bad stuff, and sometimes you get things that make you question the very meaning of existence.

That’s exactly what happened to Japanese Twitter user @uta_cecil when she opened up her lucky bag from women’s clothing store CECIL McBEE. She posted the bizarre contents online for everyone to see:

“Please help me understand this thing…. It has four sleeves. And they aren’t decoration, my arms can go through all of them. What is this?!”

Wait a minute. Four sleeves… that means four arms. That could only mean one thing!

“It’s clearly meant for this guy!”

“They’re even the same color.”

Well, there’s no use denying it. That is definitely a shirt for a Machamp. Although will the sleeves manage to fit over those bulging muscles?

Other netizens were quick with suggestions for other possible uses:

▼ Tien Shinhan from Dragon Ball could use it too.

▼ Maybe it’s for the same kind of people who need two fretboards on their guitar.

▼ Not sure why Masahiro Tanaka grew another pair of arms,
but now at least he can stay warm with this sweater!

▼ Ah, sorry Ashuraman from Kinnikuman,
you’ve got one pair too many. Better luck with another bag.

▼ I… I mean, I guess? Maybe then Jack could’ve
stayed on the raft… I mean I’m not still bitter!

▼ We’d like to make one obvious suggestion that didn’t come up though:
Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat! He can make anything look good.

▼ Eventually some netizens showed up to explain the true use of the sweater – you’re just supposed to tie the bottom sleeves around your waist.

▼ Now you can have the awkward look of wrapping
a sweater around your waist without any of the functionality!

Even though Machamp sweaters may not be a real thing, the mystery of Machamp clothing can still live on through the secrets of Machamp underwear.

Source: Twitter/@uta_cecil via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter@umai_bow