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McDonald’s Japan’s Texas burger is back, but it won’t be around for long! Having missed out on the chunky beef sandwich the last time they invaded the country, our man Kuzo headed down to his nearest restaurant and grabbed a couple to poke, prod and shove down his gullet. The experience left him confused: there’s plenty here to delight burger fans, that’s for sure, but not everything about this little slice of Texas is worth writing home out. Kuzo’s full impressions after the break.

While always coming as something of a thrill when it comes to town, McDonald’s “Big America” series is known in Japan for being heavy on the salt and, for many diners, often having a little too much going on between the buns for the burgers to ever be considered all-time classics. But with its comparatively simple toppings and focus on its sizeable beef patty, the new Texas burger appealed to our man the first time he laid eyes on it online.


Featuring a Big Mac-style three-bun construction, cheese, onion and crispy bacon all topped off with barbecue sauce, the Texas burger ticks most burger lovers’ wish list boxes while still leaving the starring role to the beef itself.

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“With its modest combination of flavours, the taste of the beef patty really comes forward here; there’s less packed in between the buns, but for that same reason the beef shines, which can only be considered a good thing. The buns are on the cheap side, but this works in the burger’s favour since they don’t distract from the meatiness of the burger itself. ”

There’s always a ‘but’…

As with the Big America burger series’ previous efforts, though, the Texas Burger is guilty of one major, taste-trashing crime, almost entirely ruining our reporter’s dining experience:

“The barbecue sauce they use on the burger is unbelievably thick and salty. It’s this sauce that drags the overall quality of the burger down and makes the entire thing taste cheap and nasty. If only they’d kept it simple- maybe a bit of salt and pepper, or even a dollop of ketchup!”

There you have it, folks: if you like that processed barbecue sauce taste, McDonald’s Texas burger has it all. If not, you may be better off sticking to a classic burger during your next trip through the golden arches.

The Texas burger is available at McDonald’s restaurants across Japan from now until the end of February.
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▼Classic burger!

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▼There’s that sauce… That wicked, wicked sauce.

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▼And let’s not forget that yellow, yellow McDonald’s cheese!

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