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Our Japanese-language correspondent Kuzo is currently making his way through Thailand, and while we’re happy he had such a good time at the country’s famous water festival, frankly we’re a little worried about the guy. We think all the excitement may have frazzled his brain, since he recently sent us a batch of pictures of himself eating what appears to be a hamburger-shaped novelty pillow.

Wait, that’s a real burger?!

While in Bangkok, Kuzo was feeling just a bit peckish. Having heard of a great burger joint called 25 Degrees, he decided to stop in for a bite to eat.

As a great lover of beef, putting away two regular-sized hamburgers isn’t entirely out of the question for Kuzo if he’s feeling particularly hungry. Looking over the menu, though, he found a single sandwich that he figured should be able to fill him up, the 2.5-kilogram (5.5-pound) “Biggest Burger”.

We haven’t quite completed our quest to eat every giant hamburger in the world (not that we haven’t been trying), but we’re not about to accuse 25 Degrees of exaggerating with the name of their colossal sandwich. Apparently the Biggest Burger is getting a reputation as large as its massive patty, as Kuzo glanced around the restaurant and saw several other diners with one occupying their table.

▼ The Biggest Burger isn’t covered in onions, but entire onion rings.

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With the sandwich packing such a large patty, you might expect the restaurant to opt for lower-grade meat, but 25 Degrees uses high quality beef imported from Japan. What’s more, the Biggest Burger is totally free….if you can polish the whole thing off in 30 minutes. Otherwise, it’ll run you the equivalent of 4,000 yen (US$39.20), which honestly still seems like a pretty decent deal for all that beef.

▼ Kuzo wisely opted for a zero-calorie soda to go with the burger that’s roughly the size of his head.

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25 Degrees does supply diners with a knife and fork, but as a true burger aficionado, Kuzo shunned them both.

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He then found out that not only is the Biggest Burger hard to hold, it’s so big it’s difficult to bite into, too.

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▼ Almost!

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▼ There you go!

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Starting with the bad news, the bun is pretty uninspired, and was the only part of the sandwich Kuzo didn’t eat all of. Of course, the lackluster bread can be forgiven when it’s simply the momentary precursor to all that glorious beef. It’s cooked rare and lightly seasoned, letting its natural flavors take center stage, and Kuzo reported it tasted even better after he added a dash of salt and pepper.

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But with so much to eat, does the flavor become unenjoyable repetitive? Not at all, Kuzo assures us. “I enjoyed it all the way to the end,” he says. We guess you really can’t have too much of a good thing, at least if that good thing is a burger.

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Restaurant information
25 Degrees
188 Silom Road, Suriyawongse, Bangkrak, Thailand

Photos: RocketNews24
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