Pierrot and Guilty Butter Burgers go hand in hand for a limited time.

Burger King is always keeping the competition on its toes in Japan, with Ugly Burgers, Teriyaki Towers, and now…Guilty Butter Burgers.

There are two new offerings to choose from: the Guilty Butter Beef Burger and the Guilty Butter Chicken Burger, and both use newly developed “craft buns” that have been soaked in butter.

According to the chain, each bun is made by melding butter sauce into the dough by hand after fermentation and before being baked, resulting in an irresistibly soft texture and rich, aromatic flavour.

The Guilty Butter Beef Burger contains a flame-grilled 100-percent beef patty, along with a fresh slice of tomato, cheddar cheese slices, pickles, fresh lettuce, onions, creamy mayonnaise and ketchup. The buttery buns are said to add an extra layer of richness to the filling, creating a decadence that’s sure to leave you feeling satisfied…and a little guilty as well.

▼ The Guilty Butter Beef Burger is priced at 740 yen (US$6.49)

The Guilty Butter Chicken Burger contains a juicy, crispy piece of fried chicken, with lettuce, onion, pickles, mayonnaise and a special cheddar cheese sauce. The combination of chicken, cheese, and butter-filled craft buns is said to be dangerously addictive.

▼ The Guilty Butter Chicken Burger is priced at 640 yen.

To add to the guilty experience, Burger King is adding a new “Pierrot no Ama Pote” (“Clown’s Sweet Potato Chips“) to the menu for a limited time as well.

▼ The chocolate-covered fries (330 yen) are said to be a delicious combination of sweet and salty flavours.

By adding butter to their buns, Burger King is walking a very different path to its competitors, who’ve recently been experimenting with rice buns. If you want guilty decadence, Burger King is definitely the place to go, where you’ll find the new menu items on the menu for a limited time from 22 October.

Source, images: PR Times 
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