Plus the return of one of its popular rice burger veterans.

McDonald’s has been in Japan for a long time now, but it wasn’t until last year that they finally started offering rice burgers. Sort of a sandwich/rice ball hybrid, rice burgers replace the burger’s buns with two discs of rice, lightly grilled to give them some extra texture and consistency and brushed with a soy glaze.

McDonald’s rice burgers have been a hit, and the chain has begun offering special seasonal and limited-time versions, the surest sign that Japanese foodies have accepted something into their hearts. This month, two brand-new rice burgers are joining the lineup, starting with the Garlic and Black Pepper Chicken Rice Burger.

In Japanese, it’s called the Gohan Chiken Ninniku Kuro Kosho, but even that mouthful of a name doesn’t cover the full cast of ingredients, but it does at least mention the star of the show, a crisp breaded chicken breast patty sandwiched inside the rice. There’s also a slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, and, a unique garlic and black pepper sauce created just for this sandwich.

Next up is the Delicious Spicy Shrimp Rice Burger (Gohan Ebi Umakara Shitate). McDonald’s first-ever shellfish rice burger, this one is build around a shrimp cutlet, skips the cheese, and is graced by a sauce of garlic and akatogarashi, Japanese red pepper.

And last, there’s the Teriiyaki Rice Burger (Gohan Teriyaki). This one actually isn’t new, but it’s been off the menu for a while, and considering it’s pretty much a given that anyone walking into a McDonald’s in Japan is going to like both beef and teriyaki, we’re sure there are plenty of fans happy to see it making its return, accompanied by a dab of sweet lemon sauce.

The chicken, shrimp, and beef burgers priced at 410, 440, and 390 yen (US$3.76, US$4.04, and US$3.58) respectively. The trio goes on sale September 29, giving us the happy dilemma of having to pick between them and McDonald’s autumn moon-viewing tsukimi burgers on our next burger run.

Source: McDonald’s via IT Media
Images: McDonald’s
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