Previously we reported on the global reaction regarding a beautiful piece of architecture in Osaka, the shopping center Namba Parks (pictured above), which looks especially stunning when viewed from a high place.

However, another amazing photo surfaced on 9GAG a while back. Taken from a high angle it revealed an even more shockingly designed building that’s arguably even more impressive than Namba Parks.

Behold! The Parks Tower!

Parks Tower stands about 150 meters tall and contains shops, offices, classrooms, clinics, and condos…

…and it looks like a huge PlayStation 3!

Much like the main shopping sections of Namba Parks this building doesn’t look like much from the ground.

But when viewed from above it’s hard not to notice the similarity with the PS3 console, particularly the original fat model.

Parks Tower was designed and built from 1998 through 2003, and the PS3 design was first revealed in 2005. This would suggest that the electronics giant had borrowed the shape from the building, or that this is all just one big coincidence.

This has been a known fact overseas for a few years now, but a recent surfacing on Japanese websites has surprised many drawing comments such as “holy crap, it’s a PS3” and “I went there many times but never noticed that.”

I too had gone there several times but initially thought that photo had some trickery involved. However, digging through old photos I found one I had taken from a nearby hotel.

With all rumors swirling around the upcoming PS4 system we could logically speculate it will resemble the Umeda Sky Building, also in Osaka.

If so we can expect the inevitable slim version PS4 to look like this.

Source: 9GAG (English) via Vipper (Japanese) 

PS3 image: Amazon Umeda Sky Building image: Wikipedia – SuiSui