Just spending a few minutes on the train, it is possible to gain quite an insight into the type of people who use public transport; whether it be the guy crashed out after a heavy night of drinking with his pals, the student listening to his music player on full blast, or the person completely immersed in their favourite book, the types of behavior are varied to say the least.

The inside of the train carriage is a rather peculiar environment in that, on the one hand, it is a public space in which one must abide at least to some degree by the rules of proper public conduct. However, it also provides us with our own private space in which to shut off everything around us and relax while travelling.

By observing the way in which people spend their time on the train, however, we can learn a lot about an individual’s personality, claims Tsugumi Tachibana, a Japanese counselor in love relations. From a romance perspective, Tachibana analyzes in-depth the correlation between public behavior and personality traits. Her findings can be found below and might just help us learn a little more about that one special person on the train or bus that you’ve been admiring from afar.

First there’s the person who crashes out on the train:

“This type of person assumes a rather laid back attitude in the presence of others. They care little for the finer details of things and have a rather sketchy and candid personality. When  their partner changes something in their appearance- for example their hairstyle- they are often completely indifferent. On the one hand, this type of character doesn’t concern themselves too much with urgency and delays replying to mails. From this perspective,  there is little concern of being told what to do or shackled down within a relationship. They also have a positive attitude, and their calm and collected manner means that they are seen as someone who can be relied upon in times of trouble or crisis.”

The “in a world of their own” type who’s always plugged in to their music:

“This type of person is quite often oblivious to the world around them, has a striking sense of naivety and a tendency to shy away from others. This being said,  they are actually rather lonely and yearn for human contact. For anyone looking to develop a romantic relationship with this type of person, it is recommended to socialize with them not as a couple, but as a larger group. They will initially put up a barrier but once you’ve established a connection, it should be possible to create a very close relationship.”

Next are those seen working or studying during transit:

“In some cases, this type of person is genuinely driven by a passion to study or work. However most of the time, they often show the signs of being at one’s wits’ end with it all.  What can be deduced from this is that they have little or no planning ability and act rather on the spur of the moment. They are fun to be around but are often driven by the feelings of the moment. Consequently, they have a tendency to treat relationships with the opposite sex rather lightly and anything they say should be taking with a pinch of salt.”

The hardcore hobbyists:

“Someone who can completely immerse themselves in a book or a video game on the train is the type of person who is unperturbed by their surroundings and can be seen as ‘truly an individual of freedom’. Not wanting to waste time, they utilize their train journey as effectively as possible. However, they are usually lacking in planning skills and often arrive late for important engagements, or make spontaneous purchases without thinking. In some respects, they are emotionally immature but should be praised for their sincerity; what’s more, they don’t normally have any hidden agendas. Anyone dating this type of person would arguably hold the reins in the relationship.”

There’s also the passengers who are incessantly mailing on their phone:

“Constantly seeking some form of a connection with those around them, this type of person is easily influenced by others and is a follower of fashion trends. They behave in a way that exaggerates their actual financial or social status by treating their partner to an extravagant dinner or bluffing about one thing or another. They have a strong sense of vigilance and therefore it means putting in a considerable amount of work before they open themselves up to you. However, by replying to their mails promptly and showing them appreciation will provide them with a sense of security. This will in turn increase the strength of the relationship.”

Finally, there’s always the person who just loves to observe other passengers:

“This category of person tentatively watches those around them and before long gets lost in wild imagination and speculation. This is a person with a violent tendency towards subjective impressions. However, they are also often romanticists. They believe that through careful planning they can anticipate any future happenings. For this reason, they find it difficult to adapt to sudden unforeseen events. They have strong illusions when it comes to the opposite sex and can’t bear to hear stories about one’s ex or intimate goings on within a relationship. A sure way to win their heart would be to feed them with such a  romantic line as, “This is the first time I’ve felt so strongly about someone.”

If these findings are anything to go by, it may just be possible to determine someone’s personality without even exchanging a single word. Next time, if there’s someone you have your eye on and they happen to be riding in the same carriage as you, why not put the method to the test!

Source:  Peachy