Gomu Yokki Aisu (Ice Cream Filled Rubber) is an age-old frozen treat in Japan. As the name suggests it’s a balloon filled-up with ice cream which is gradually sucked out from one end when cut or chewed off.

Enjoyed by young and old, it’s a relatively clean way to serve up some ice cream on a hot day.

And I will never eat one again thanks to a young woman named Sharla who pointed out something that should have been painfully obvious to everyone in Japan in her video titled Japanese Condom Ice Cream.

The video previously titled Japanese Condom Ice Cream, Over-18 Ice Cream…? naturally caught the curiosity of Japanese netizens.

Then upon seeing a Tamago Aisu (Ice Cream Egg) some thought “What? That’s not… oh.”


Sure enough, it dawns on everyone as the reservoir-tipped rubber tube filled with white cream is held up – yeah, that’s just a condom full of ice cream.


To make matters worse, the ice cream condoms weren’t properly frozen. When Sharla and her friend opened them up, a veritable bukkake of gooey warm cream erupted all over the girls’ faces and stockings. Oh. My.


While the thought that these snacks resemble less appetizing cream-filled rubber sacks has occurred to many before, some companies tried to steer their marketing in a whole other direction with another popular name.


Some companies use the Oppai Aisu (Breast Ice Cream) nickname suggesting that the frozen rubber sack with protruding tip was more like a woman’s breast than a used scumbag. As much as I’d like to share in their vision of this sugary treat, I cannot escape the reality.

So while I’m never going to touch one of these things again, this might just be the next big present for guys to give that special woman for White Day. Thanks gals!

Source: Sharla in Japan (English/Japanese) via IT Media (Japanese)
Oppai Aisu Image: Kobutaisu