blood types

In a number of East Asian countries, but perhaps most strongly in Japan, it is believed that one’s blood type, or ketsuekigata (血液型), determines a lot about one’s character and how we relate to others and the world around us. Although comparatively few Westerners who have never donated blood or had the misfortune of being seriously ill know their blood type, it is rare to meet a Japanese person who does not know theirs, and it’s considered perfectly normal for people to try to guess someone’s blood type when first getting to know them or working together closely.

It’s easy for non-Japanese to forget the character traits that blood types supposedly denote, however, so here’s a handy image – which is currently doing the rounds online in Japan and being suitably nodded at and chuckled over –  to save on your computer or smartphone for the next time someone says, “Oh, that’s typical A-gata behaviour!” when you fold up your napkin or straighten a crooked picture frame.

Need a little more description than just a shot of some crinkled hamburger wrappers? Here’s a brief rundown on the four ketsuekigata and the kind of person you’ll be forever labelled as from the second you tell someone yours.

A型/blood-type A: You’re serious, tremendously attentive to detail, and always neat and tidy (or “anally retentive” as the good Dr Freud might have put it). You’re also considered to be very kind and, if you happen to own a car, a careful driver.

B型/blood-type B: You’re kind of self-centred, strong-willed and buck trends and expectations. You’re often viewed as the rebel, but you’re also flexible in your thinking and very playful.

O型/blood-type O: You’re care-free and very easy-going. Sure, there are probably rules about what to do with your empty hamburger wrapper, but you’re not bothered either way. Whatever, man, it’s all cool. Oh, look, a squirrel!

AB型/blood-type AB: Hey, you creative weirdo, no one understands you and you’re under-appreciated. You’re artistic, prone to feeling hurt when criticised, and enjoy having time to yourself.

Now (call your doctor and find out your blood type, then) take another look at this photo.

blood types
Does this describe your personality or is it about as scientifically accurate as your weekly horoscope printed in We Are Not Alone magazine?

Source: Alfaalfa