It’s considered common knowledge that cats hate water, but recently YouTube has been awash (get it?) with cats enjoying their bath time. In this latest addition, kitten Hana-chan experiences a bath for the first time, displaying the range of expression with normally associate with Hollywood’s finest. Check out her journey from terror to bliss after the jump!

At the beginning of the video, as she encounters the tiny bath cup for the first time, Hana-chan adeptly shows us visions of trepidation and fear through the use of body language. You can practically hear her heart racing as she is dunked into the warm water, and then she cries out in surprise as the scrubbing begins. But what’s this? Her demeanor subtly changes. This warm water feels kind of nice, actually. She relaxes into the peaceful bliss of an experienced bather, complete with little Japanese-style head towel.

But the drama doesn’t end there! Just as Hana-chan is beginning to enjoy herself, fate steps in–or rather her owner–and lifts her from the warm embrace of the water! Hana-chan, bedraggled and cold, cries out against this cruel turn of events and huddles dejectedly in the corner until she is eventually returned to the warm, safe waters. Whew! What a roller coaster of emotion! You deserve an Oscar, Hana-chan.

Watch her bravura performance for yourself here:

Source: YouTube
Image: IT Media