How many Japanese bath salts can we get for US$25?

Around this time every year, our reporter K.Masami buys Amazon Japan’s Bath Salts Fukubukuro. In Japan, fukubukuro (“lucky bags”) are filled with random goodies that offer excellent savings and are commonly sold around New Year’s. While they can be hit-or-miss in terms of what you get, Masami is never disappointed with the Bath Salts Fukubukuro.

▼ “Nyuyokuzai Fukubukuro” (“Bath Salts Fukubukuro”)

Even though Masami has been buying this fukubukuro for years, she’s still surprised every time it arrives, because it’s absolutely packed with different bath salt sachets.

▼ As the “Fukubukuro 100” on the box suggests, this lucky bag contains 100 sachets, and it costs just 3,658 yen (US$25).

There aren’t many other places where you can get such a large amount of different bath salts all at once so in terms of impact, Masami reckons this is probably one of the best lucky bags in Japan.

Doing the math, this collection of bath salts could last you half a year if you used one every second day. Because Masami, like most other people in Japan, bathes every single day, a fukubukuro like this always comes in handy, and it’s especially good as the price has stayed the same, despite the price of bath salts having recently risen at stores.

▼ The price has stayed the same, and so too has the quantity and quality.

Some of the items included in the box were the tablet-shaped fizzy “Roten”, a “Setouchi Whole Squeezed Lemon” sachet, and the milky “Blessings of the Earth – Healing of White Water – Soy Milk”.

At the very bottom was a 10-pack box of Roten no Yado (“Open-air Inn”), one of the most popular types of bath salts in Japan.

Masami liked the fact that there was no bias in the brands represented, offering her a wider variety than usual and introducing her to types she never would’ve tried otherwise.

Seeing as they’re not easily perishable, the bath salts stay good for a long time, so Masami is always grateful for this value-for-money bulk purchase.

Plus, she only recently discovered that this lucky bag is one of those rare ones that are available year-round, so she might have to up her purchases to twice a year, so she can have a variety of bath salts all year long!

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