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Winter has been homing in hard and fast this year, hasn’t it? Two weeks ago a massive snowstorm invaded America, and a cold wave has been sinking into Japan this week, already causing unexpected snowfall two months early in certain parts of the country. It feels almost as if Elsa is throwing a fit because Baymax has been getting more attention lately.

In such unpredictable freezing temperatures, it’s best to stay at home with the heater on so you’ll be warm and dry. All the better if you have a huggable, furry pet at home who wouldn’t mind cuddling up with you. Keep an eye on your pets when you’re using a heater though, or else they might end up like this unfortunate feline who got a pair of charred “wings” on its back!

A Chinese cat owner recently posted a series of photos warning fellow cat owners about the dangers of curling up in front of a space heater. Last winter, when she used the infrared heater at home, her cat settled down and got cosy by her feet.


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After some time, she started noticing that her cat’s snowy white fur was looking a little discolored. The cat was getting so warm, it was getting a little toasted! The owner did try to keep her furkid away from the heater, but it was the kitty’s natural instinct to seek warmth in the freezing winter. Even when she moved away, the cat stayed put right in front of the “cat toaster”.

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▼ Now the cat is only allowed to use its exclusive “human heater” to keep warm.
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There are various types of space heaters available on the market, so if you have pets roaming about at home, this is probably something worth keeping in mind when choosing and using a heater. Alternatively, you could make your furkids their very own little kotatsu, though we can’t guarantee if they’ll like it. Stay warm and toasty, not toasted!

Source/images: Aiweibang via Zhaizhai News