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As reported here on RocketNews24, a special, limited-time-only café in honour of legendary British rock star David Bowie opened on March 18 this year. Keen to see if the real thing was as far out as the earlier press release, our reporter headed down to Ginza, Tokyo to check it out.

Located in Ginza’s famous Sony Building (which is itself a great way to kill an hour, incidentally), the David Bowie Café is less about tea and sandwiches and more about rock, leather and pints of lager. For just two weeks, British Pub Cardinal has become home to all manner of Bowie paraphernalia in celebration of the artist’s first album in 10 years, titled The Next Day.

Visitors are invited to snack on some of Bowie’s own favourite foods including shepherd’s pie while sipping on a cold pint of lager (I can assure you, we don’t drink it warm) and listening to the artist’s hit songs. Photographs hang on the walls and you’ll find record sleeves on display virtually everywhere you look, reminding us of just how long and prosperous Bowie’s music career has been. Whether you’re a fan of the man himself or just in the mood for something a little bit different while you’re out and about in trendy Ginza, we heartily recommend calling in.

The pub has already proved to be a big hit with Japanese Bowie fans, with even Ziggy Stardust-era stylist Yasuko Takahashi and the photographer of Bowie’s iconic album Heroes, Masayoshi Sukita, stopping by to take part in a mini talk show.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Tokyo to bask in the brilliance of Bowie, you’ll have to be quick; Pub Cardinal will return to its regular, Bowie-less form as of next Monday (25 March). Perhaps we’ll see you down there for the Bowie Café’s final weekend? Mine’s a pint of Guinness if you’re buying…

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David Bowie Cafe (Japanese)
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