Hiiiiii! Fancy taking a gourmet tour of the tropics with Kirby as your guide? Now you can — and there’s pizza, too!

The Kirby Café is the stuff of dreams. Not only can you dine on some super cute courses and desserts styled after the titular marshmallow-shaped hero, but you can buy all manner of exclusive souvenirs starring the franchise’s cast in cute collaborative café outfits. The only real drawback is that Kirby’s cafés are as ephemeral as a shooting star; though they’ve popped up in Tokyo and Osaka throughout the years, it’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to scarf down Kirby meals.

The wait is over at last, at least for Tokyo! July 9 heralds the latest spell of Kirby Café time, and Kirby has a sizzling line-up of scrumptious summer dishes ready and waiting for you to vacuum up into your mouth.

▼ The extremely cute collaboration art shows Kirby and a Waddle-Dee dressed up for their summer vacations. (Though where are their masks?)

The crowning jewel of the menu is Kirby’s Munchy Munchy Gapao Bowl (1,980 yen/US$18.49 plus tax) which is served in a tiny plastic recreation of Kirby’s cute little face. You can actually take this little lunchbox home as a souvenir, too!

Then everyone’s favorite chef has his own special dish: Chef Kawasaki’s Merry Everlasting Summer Seaside Pilaf. He seems a little too happy to be completely submerged in “sand”, if you ask us. This dish costs 1,680 yen plus tax.

Still hungry? Good, because you’ll want to save a spot for this picture-perfect seasonal dessert. Kirby’s Summer Vacation 2020 dessert looks almost too good to eat — almost. It costs 1,580 yen plus tax, and you’ll definitely want to snap a few photos before you dig in.

Ice Kirby’s Shuddery Frozen Parfait is a little cheaper, costing 1,280 yen before tax, but still features a stunning summer rainbow palette and juicy fruit flavors.

You’ll definitely want a drink to wash all that down. Kirby has you covered here too, with the Planet Misteen drink that’s served in its own souvenir jar and filled with gorgeous star-shapes. This one’s 1,980 yen before tax, which seems much more reasonable when you consider you’re getting the cute printed jar to take home.

Then Kirby’s sometimes-friend-sometimes-foe Marx shows up to steal the show with this glamorous beverage: A Marriage of Truth and Lies, for 880 yen plus tax. The glass even resembles Marx’s jester-inspired appearance.

Those who have quested to the Kirby Café before may have gone home disappointed, as reservations fill up fast and queues are a given. But even if you don’t have a reservation, there might be hope for you to sample some of the café’s tasty cooking! The takeout pizza option offered at this summer’s Kirby Café lets you order your own personal hand-made pizza for 1,380 yen per serving to take home and enjoy, and if you purchase multiple pizzas your order will come with a super-cute Kirby platter to serve it on.

▼ Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, baked in just 90 seconds!

▼ What are you doing under my pizza, Kirby?!

These are just the newest editions to the Kirby Café’s reputable line-up, so we really recommend going to the collaboration’s official website to drool over the menu in full. And if you live in Tokyo…well, reservations for themed café slots always tend to fill up fast, so you’d better hurry and grab your spot!

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Source, images: PR Times

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