Miyamoto Luigi

No doubt there to promote the release of new Nintendo 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion 2 (known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in the West), Shigeru Miyamoto – the creator of Super Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong among others – was spotted hanging out with staff from Nintendo America in New York yesterday, not to mention looking exceptionally green. If only he’d arrived a few days earlier, this get-up would have worked pretty well for Saint Patrick’s Day, too.

Wearing a lime-green plumber’s cap and Luigi motif t-shirt, the legendary video game creator was seen playing a few rounds of Nintendo Land, a multiplayer-focused game for the Wii U console which features mini games based on Nintendo’s existing franchises and one that our own writing team took quite a shine to. Of course, wanting to keep Mario’s sibling at the front of everyone’s minds prior to the release of the new game, Miyamoto made sure that the staff stuck to the ghost hunt mini game in particular, which mimics many aspects of Luigi’s ghost house adventures.

▼ NY, Luigi, Miyamoto.

Miyamoto Luigi window

▼ Ghost huntin’

miyamoto Luigi playtime

Luigi’s Mansion 2 goes on sale in Japan today, and will be released in North America and Europe on March 24 and 28, respectively. Now if we could only track down enough of those caps so that the entire RocketNews24 team could wear them to work…

Source: Inside Games (Japanese)

Images: Facebook Nintendo