Recently in China motorists have been walking away from accidents which would normally prove fatal. In the following two videos we will see a person riding a scooter get broadsided by a car and a huge pole crash through the windshield and into the driver’s seat of a bus. In each incidence of freakish luck both drivers appear visibly shaken neither looked seriously injured.

The first video was taken by a traffic camera monitoring an intersection.  The car drives straight into the scooter smashing it to several pieces. Meanwhile, the driver miraculously flips onto the roof of the car and carried until it comes to a stop. The rider rolls off the car and although clearly winded is still standing.

This video does have shades of fakery reminiscent of the teleported Chinese bike rider. It’s hard to imagine that this is fake by the way that bike breaks apart, but it does seem odd that none of the other vehicles react to what happened. The police van directly in front doesn’t even slow down and the other scooter just hangs a left and drives on.

Moving on to the second video, this time taken from a public bus’ closed circuit camera we see driver Mao Zhihao chatting with passengers during his afternoon route.  Suddenly, a massive pole smashes through the windshield straight into him.  Amazingly Mao avoided the pole and remained conscious enough to bring the bus to a safe stop, thereby rescuing all the passengers on board. Mao was treated for a ruptured spleen in the hospital but should make a full recovery.

Perhaps this is a sort of karmic payback for the heroism of Wu Bin last year. Wu was directly struck in the abdomen by a piece of metal on the highway yet managed to calmly bring the bus to a safe stop leaving all passengers unharmed.  Wu himself, however, succumbed to his injuries.

When asked by RocketNews24 why God had suddenly come out in support of Chinese motorists they had this to say: “…”

Scooter Video: YouTube – TheShanghaiist
Mao Zhihao Video: YouTube – Computergirls1985
Wu Bin Video: YouTube – ThickShadesNews

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