Scooters are a popular means of transportation in all Asian countries for their small size and fuel economy. In Japan not a day goes by where you don’t see a dozen or so small engine bikes puttering around the streets.

However this video taken from Taiwan is on a whole other level. What must be thousands of scooters pouring off the Taipei Bridge are simply making their daily commute. The roughly two-minute video is eerily reminiscent of the million-duck march in Thailand last month, and yet it’s also strangely relaxing to watch.

It’s said that the expense of living in Taipei City and rising fuel prices have led to this mass journey from the surrounding areas every day. Although it would seem that car-pooling ought to be a far better solution in terms of money, environment and safety, I think we can all admit that sharing is a drag.

And so we have this…

What’s more amazing than this scene itself is perhaps the fact that everyone in it is utterly unperturbed. Granted, they do this every day so the novelty has probably worn off long ago. Still, you’d think that these conditions would lead to frequent cases of road rage, but everyone involved looks completely devoid of emotion and moving slowly but smoothly.

That lack of both enthusiasm and stress creates something of a tranquil scene that you can really chill out on when put on a loop. It’s like watching an ant colony or school of fish. So next time you’re stuck in tight traffic and feeling the stress remember the mellow bikers of Taipei and think to yourself: “If they can do it so can I.”

Source: YouTube – Taiwan Railway Movies via Karapaia (Japanese)
Screenshots: YouTube – Taiwan Railway Movies