April marks the beginning of a new fiscal year in Japan, bringing with it the season for job hunting. Of course, that means interviews. NicoNico News wondered what interview questions might be lying in wait for the unsuspecting, so they sent out a questionnaire to 1000 businesspeople to hear what questions had stumped them in the past. Here are some of the best, from the truly bizarre to the especially thought-provoking.

We can honestly say we’ve never been asked anything like this at an interview, and we work for RocketNews24

If you were a car, what parts would you be made from?
Female (25): Does this job even have anything to do with cars? And even if it did, how in the world would you answer this to give a good impression?

What is the company president’s hobby?
Male (28): Okay, so who did their homework!? Is this some kind of quiz show? Do you have to know the answer to questions like that to get hired?

Do an impression.
Male (28): I’m not really sure what the point of this was. Maybe there is some meaning in how well you can imitate…?

Among the members of SMAP (an aging boy band- ed.), who do you most resemble?
Male (33): I really have to choose from SMAP? I couldn’t really say.

What kind of dessert would you say I am?
Female (30): After I mentioned I enjoyed baking, the interviewer asked me this. What kind of answer would make them happy? Are they a Japanese sweet, some kind of Western-style dessert? What can I say except that they are an unknown dessert.

Choose a verse from the classical Chinese text on the whiteboard and translate it.
Female (28): Makes you wonder what kind of job this is for, right? Maybe a teacher or professor would be able to do this one the spot, but even then, it’s not an interview question you are happy to hear.

Imagine four primitive humans of the opposite sex are standing in front of you. If you have to choose one of them, on what basis would you make your choice?
Female (24): What they heck are they hoping to learn about you from this question? I mean, primitive humans?! LOL.

What did you have for breakfast?
Female (26): Is it better to lie or to answer honestly? Are they choosing people based on whether they eat rice or bread for breakfast? Maybe they were just asking because they thought it would help me relax because there’s really no point to the question.

Make me laugh.
Female (24): To be suddenly told this at an interview when you are already nervous… Even a comedian would have trouble.

If you found out your boss was cheating, what would you do?
Male (31): What the hell. What kind of answer are they looking for, do you suppose?

Did you notice anything on your way from the lobby to the interview room?
Female (28): It seems they had left some garbage lying around on purpose. I guess they were checking for your attention to detail.

What color are you?
Male (26): This is a common question, but I never know which color to choose.

There you have it, dear readers, the best that Japanese HR managers have to throw at you. Got a clever answer? Or maybe you’ve had a more difficult question in a job interview. Tell us in the comments!

Source: NicoNico News (Japanese)
Image: Fuji Arts