What would you do if you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day? I for one would make it my first priority to get on those “women only” cars on Tokyo’s rail network and see how sweet it really is, as well as observe how all the female commuters act without men around. Next, I’d walk into any store frequented by hardcore otaku and freak the guys out just by being there, then I’d spend the evening hitting the bars I usually frequent and see how many free drinks I can score.

Posed with the same question, a group of 300 women in Japan aged 21-33 shared their thoughts on the matter, their answers ranging from the usual “pee standing up” to some surprisingly saucy suggestions.

The My Navi Woman survey asked a sample of its readers what they’d like to do if they were a man for 24 hours. Let’s take a look at what they said.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.05.02 PMPhoto: Tanabe City

– “I’d go in on the male side of the public baths.” 

– “Try shaving my beard.”

– “I’d stand in front of a mirror totally naked and just look at myself.”

Heck, we all do that, but only to play ‘this is what my sister would look like’.

– “Pee standing up.”

Only if you remember to put the seat back down…

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.08.21 PMPhoto: Whingevote

– “I’d go to the swimming pool! If think if I were a guy, I wouldn’t feel even a bit embarrassed about not wearing a shirt.”

– “Take part in an eating contest.”

– “I’d want to try having sex as a man.”

By all means. And if you can stay awake afterwards let us know.

sleepPhoto: Health and Wellbeing

– “Sprint at fast as I could.”

– “Wear a pair of boxers. I’ve always wondered what they felt like to wear.” 

– “Change a lightbulb.”

We can only assume this woman is sitting at home in the dark right now.

– “Carry something heavy.”

▼ A typical day for us guys

heavyPhoto: Blogger

– “Go on a date with a girl.”

Carry on…

– “Hit on girls. I’d have way more confidence.”

– “Put on a necktie and go to work at a company.”

– “Enjoy wearing guys’ clothes.”

And finally, this response from a woman who clearly needs to talk to her man more:

– “Become pals with my boyfriend, then find out what he really thinks about me.”

Some interesting answers here–I think we can agree that if we flipped the genders around we’d see some very similar answers from the guys, too. Well, apart from the ones that would be completely unpublishable, of course.

It’s an age-old question, but if you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day, what would you most like to do? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Niconico News