The first question to a visitor from the future who could tell us about medical and technological breakthroughs? That’s right, it was about boobs.

The year 2012 came and went, and no first contact with Vulcans. 2015 likewise passed us by, and yet we still need roads. Suffice to say, we’re rubbish at predicting the future. Wouldn’t you like to know what wonders await us?

Recently Japanese Twitter users were able to learn all they ever wanted from Twitter user @YJ943636 who claimed to have come from the futuristic world of 2075. Did they use this opportunity for the betterment of mankind, or even just the betterment of themselves with winning lottery numbers?

No, not quite.

“I have come from the future, the year 2075. I will answer any questions I can.”

To which, the first person to take the time-traveller up on this great honour, the representative of our time period, the one who would inform our descendants of the kind of people that existed in the early 21st century, asked simply:

“In your time, what are women’s boobs like?”

The answer to this enquiry, what might have been (but fortunately wasn’t) the only opportunity to learn of what is to come, was enlightening.

“There are all sorts of shapes and sizes.”

Going further:

“Artificial breasts have been developed. Men too, have boobs.”

What a brave new world, and surely far more aesthetically pleasing than the one we currently reside in where moobs are but a source of humour.

If @YJ943636 is anything to go by, visitors from the future are inordinately patient, answering primitive Twitter users’ questions, and revealing, among other things that in the year 2075: Twitter no longer exists (take good care of it, as if every tweet could be your last) but YouTube still does. There is still war, and time machines already exist (we just don’t know about it yet), traffic lights will project their signals into the air, there will be a mini ice age in the next fifteen years, North and South Korea will reunite, and the capital of Japan will move from Tokyo to Okayama.

If current national life expectancy averages are anything to go by, I won’t live to see the magical world of 2075, but at least I could get a glimpse of what life might be like. In the meantime, us menfolk will have to develop our man boobs the old-fashioned way, particularly useful as insulation for the coming ice age.

Source: Twitter/YJ943636 via jin115
Featured image: Pixabay