Pokémon brings out adorable baby line for a new generation of Pokémon Masters

Ensure your baby grows up with the same cute, colorful creatures you did!

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Uniqlo invites Demon Slayer back for another collaborative range of kickass anime apparel

Vibrant, stylish shirts starring Tanjiro and his comrades.

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Sport some subtle Sailor Moon summer looks with these sailor-style T-shirts from Premium Bandai

No need to go through a pastel transformation sequence to suit up like Usagi and friends!

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One Piece teams up with Japanese fashion brand mis zapatos for funky, fashionable bags

Sanji and Zoro’s stylish geta-clad feet take center stage on this quirky, super-cool line of satchels and rucksacks.

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Shape up to be the very best with collaborative sports gear from the Pokémon Center and Mizuno

Pikachu used Agility! Your SPEED went way up!

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Evangelion teams up with fashion brand glamb to bring us seriously cool street art apparel

Rock T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with graffiti-spattered prints of your fave pilot, EVA-01, or the second angel, Lilith.

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Adorable Sanrio hats come with moving ears that will keep you comfy, cozy, cute

What’s cuter than a Hello Kitty hat? A Hello Kitty hat with twitchy ears!

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Camp like a samurai with the new Outdoor Kimono from Japanese apparel brand Snow Peak

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort and style of an outdoor warrior.

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30th Anniversary collaboration results in vivid, eye-catching Dragon Ball T-shirts!

For die-hard Dragon Ball fans who can’t  bear to be parted from the characters of their favorite series! 

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New official Pokémon Center t-shirts include “Masked Pikachu,” apathetic Ditto, and more【Pics】

Wait until you see the badass Mewtwo one they have lined up as well.

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Hey ladies, have any cup size you want with this deceptively simple “air bra”

Not that we would know, considering we’ve never even seen a female breast in real life, let alone come close enough to a woman to have a conversation about it, but we hear that a lot of women are somewhat, let’s say, self-conscious about their breast size.

Modern standards of beauty being what they are, it’s common for women to show a little bit of breast cleavage to signal confidence and sexiness (but heaven forbid a man display a little bit of his God-given testicle cleavage, amirite guys?),  but what if you’re one of the many ladies just a little too shy of material to work with? Sure, there’s the cartoon standard of stuffing watermelons into your shirt, but who’s got the time to hunt down two watermelons of the exact same size, anyway?

Luckily for small-chested ladies everywhere, Japanese beauty product manufacturer CosMedic has taken the guesswork and produce out of non-surgical breast augmentation with this deceptively simple air bra!

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Hello Kitty now makes 90% of her money abroad

After 40 years of hard work, Japan’s precious Hello Kitty character (affectionately known as Kitty-chan in Japan), has brought Japanese “kawaii” to all corners of the globe. It hasn’t been all fun and games for her though; she has had to work really hard to keep her parent company, Sanrio, afloat.

But now, thanks to Kitty-chan’s popularity overseas and her success branching into other markets, Sanrio isn’t just floating, it’s positively surfing on waves of international profit.

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Wear your love of Madoka Magica to work with these discreetly nerdy neckties

Being an anime fan in a Japanese business environment can be rough. Due to the terrible stigmas still surrounding otaku, being open about one’s two-dimensional interests can sometimes lead to discrimination in the workplace. Luckily, for those hard-working anime lovers who wish to wear a symbol of the series that they adore without attracting unwanted attention from their office peers, Cospa has a new line of anime-themed neckties, which capture one’s true otaku spirit while putting up a professional front.

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Become your favorite Sailor Scout with new Sailor Moon T-shirts!

Many of us girls, who grew up with magical girl anime, held tight to the fantasy that we too could become a super-powered Sailor Scout and fight evil in the name of the moon. Well, dig those magic rods and transformation toys out of the closet, because it’s not too late to transform! In conjunction with the upcoming anime and the recent Sailor Moon Musical, Premium Bandai has begun accepting pre-orders for a new line of Sailor Scout T-shirts that promise to turn you into a Sailor Scout just by putting one on!

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Facebook Opens Brick-and-Mortar Store in Myanmar – Or Does It?

In a recent visit to Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, we made a rather interest discovery; it would appear Facebook was trying to muscle in on the hot Southeast Asian clothing market.

Even after closer inspection, however, we were unable to determine whether or not Zuckerburg and crew were in fact the backers behind this chic apparel retailer.

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