As we have been monitoring the peculiar efforts that make up McDonald’s Japan’s marketing it seemed as if the fast food chain could do no right (with the exception of the spectacular fries holder).  However, their upcoming campaign looks like something everyone can get behind: an all-day breakfast menu!

Well, one sandwich at least.

Starting 7 May at participating locations across Japan, McDonald’s will be selling their awesomely delicious McGriddle Bacon, Egg, and Cheese along with their morning menu and beyond into the wee hours of the night.

The McGriddle, a heart-stopping combination of pancakes infused with syrup, pork, cheese, and egg, arrived in Japan in 2007 and was well received for its blend of salty and sweet.

The offer will only be available for a limited time until around mid-May.  However, we can only hope that McDonald’s takes a more gutsy approach and releases the entire breakfast menu for the whole day. No more racing to meet that 10:30 am cut-off – that  would be truly revolutionary.

Source: McDonald’s via Gaisyoku Biz
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