After our recent report on the April 24 release of the McDonald’s hands-free “potato holder,” we headed out and grabbed one for a test run.  Available for free with all large-size value sets, these plastic holders are only around for a limited time! But, with no car, how could we possibly do justice to the hands-free design, good for eating-on-the-go? That’s when we spotted our pink mama-chari (mama-chariot, a style of bicycle popular with mums in Japan) leaning against the wall of our driveway. With no shame whatsoever, Minoru, our test rider for the day, popped the plastic potato packet into the drink holder on the bicycle, inserted the large serving of fries and set off for a culinary trip around the block. Would they survive? Or would they fall? And how would our rider hold up?

Minoru set off cautiously at first, but then built up enough speed so the fries could feel the wind in their hair. True freedom fries! He reached down and plucked one out of its cozy holder. And then another. “I’m riding and eating fries!” He thought. “With both hands on the handlebars! And these things are tasty! Tastier than stationary fries. Lordy, this is good stuff!”


▼   A slow start.


▼   Looking a little wobbly…


▼   Riding in style!


Despite how much fun Minoru was having, when he rounded the corner and met our cameramen, he stayed true to his stoic Japanese roots by saying simply, “This is new.” Well, it certainly looked new to us! We watched as the man plucking fries on a pink mama-chari went for another round, disappearing down the street once again. This time when he returned, he came with a word of caution: reckless riding and high speeds may cause the potato holder to fall. So no speeding while eating! Enjoy these potato holder fries responsibly.


▼   Here’s a close-up look at the McDonald’s potato holder.







▼  Check out the video of Minoru’s ride around the block below!

Photos © SoraNews24
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