Not everybody has time to cook a solid, healthy meal on their own every morning for breakfast. We get that. Hell, sometimes we’re forced to drink the leftover grease from last night’s KFC bucket just for some kind of nourishment as we dash out the door, so who are we to judge when someone opts for a fast food breakfast?

But imagine plopping down 619 yen (US$6) for the newest McDonald’s breakfast item you’d been waiting for, only for the cashier to present you with a heaping plate of random food bits that look like they were scraped together from various leftovers they found lying around in the kitchen.

The Japanese Internet seems to think McDonald’s Japan’s new Big Breakfast and Big Breakfast Deluxe might just actually be leftovers, or perhaps “dog food,” or the remnants of failed McMuffins re-purposed for the more groggy and gullible of the breakfast crowd.

The item isn’t set to debut until tomorrow, so we can’t say for sure if the Big Breakfast will actually look as unappetizing as the image above, but considering this is the image – complete with gray/brown meat and limp, jiggly “scambled eggs” – McDonald’s Japan is using in press releases and promotional materials, we aren’t getting our hopes up.

There’s also something a bit more insidious going on here: With the exception of the eggs looking a little more runny, the Big Breakfast is essentially a Sausage McMuffin broken apart and scattered on a plate, which really shouldn’t count as a brand new menu item – although, to Mickey D’s credit, the regular Big Breakfast appears to actually cost slightly less than a Sausage McMuffin set.

Oh well. At least the Big Breakfast Deluxe comes with pancakes, so we have nothing negative at all to say about it:


If you think we’re being unkind to the new item, rest assured we’re simply picking up on what Japanese Netizens have been saying about it today:

“I can’t help but laugh. It’s just a McMuffin scattered on a plate. Looks like dog food.”

“I’m a little worried if even their promotional photos can’t make this thing look appetizing.”

“It’s like McDonald’s is saying, ‘We can’t be bothered to make sandwiches anymore, so here, put it together yourself.'”

“This looks like a TV dinner.”

“I think I saw this exact same thing at a hundred yen shop…” 

“This looks great! …for pigs.” (I don’t think this guy realizes sausage is made from pork…)

Anyway, McDonald’s fanboys, don’t jump on us for being too harsh just yet; since the item rolls out tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll be putting together a firsthand taste test. I think I’ll probably just go ahead and take the day off though…

Source: Itai News