Can you guess the three new toppings to be added to menu staples like the Teriyaki McBurger, Chicken Filet, and Double Cheeseburger?

McDonald’s Japan is pulling out all the tricks in the book to boost sales, from introducing limited-time special menu items to giving away an 18-karat gold chicken McNugget. In its most recently announced campaign, the chain will introduce three all-new burger toppings, each of them for the first time ever in McDonald’s Japan history. Can you spot the three new additions in the picture below?


If you guessed jalapeños, cream cheese sauce, and smoked bacon, then you can either read Japanese or scan McDonald’s Japan’s website on a regular basis! The new toppings can be added to any of the standard menu items for an additional 40 yen (US$0.37) each.

▼ This ad reveals that the jalapeños are sourced from Turkey and the pork for the bacon from Denmark.


The new ingredients are being billed as part of a “hidden” campaign in which you can customize any of McDonald’s Japan’s standard burger items with up to three toppings for a total of 285 possible “hidden” combinations — we guess they’re hoping we’ll think we gotta try ’em all?

In addition, McDonald’s Japan has chosen the three particular combinations listed below to highlight at all participating locations:

1. Teriyaki McBurger with sliced jalapeños (350 yen [US$2.34] alone or 650 yen as part of a medium set)


2. Chicken Filet with a thick cream cheese sauce (380 yen alone or 680 yen as part of a medium set)


3. Double Cheeseburger with savory smoked bacon (380 yen alone or 680 yen as part of a medium set)


The three new ingredients and burger combinations are slated to be added to the menu beginning on June 15 and will be available until an unspecified day early in July. Get your spicy, creamy, and savory fixes while you can!

Source: Narinari 
Images: McDonald’s Japan