According to rumors on a 2ch thread and “confirmed” by a current “McDonald’s employee,” the Mega Potato is coming back to Japan and it’s just as awesome as the name implies. Consisting of the equivalent of two large orders of fries, the Mega Potato is said to arrive in a specially made doublewide vessel on May 17.

The Mega Potato was previously released around Christmas 2010 and was aimed at families wanting to share from one container, but only consisted of two orders of medium-size fries. This year, the Mega Potato is rumored to be going through a few changes. First, the container will be supersized to accommodate even more greasy goodness. Second, the name will be changed to “Share Potato” and will be sold for 490 yen (US $4.95).

Around 350 grams of greasy, salty potato in a special doublewide container! If this rumor is true, the fry gods have truly smiled upon us.

Source: Gadget Tsuushin