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Ever wondered what people in Japan are looking at on the internet? No, not porn…well, yeah they’re looking at porn, but we’re not here to talk about that. Let’s take a look at seven apps and services currently trending in Japan. Yes, one of them is meant to be used while you’re on the toilet. Oh, don’t be surprised, it is Japan after all.

1. Minbox

Minbox allows you to quickly and easily send any file of any size for free. That’s right, there’s no file size or type limits. Minbox also boasts being “freaking fast” and offers “slick galleries” for easier and more responsive web sharing. Another cool feature of Minbox is automatic RAW conversion; you can attach any RAW file and Minbox will automatically convert the file after it has been sent. It’s a seriously convenient web service for those who want to share a lot of data fast, but unfortunately for Windows users, it’s only available for Mac computers.

PS – Their promotional video is hilarious, give it a watch.

2. Unko Chat

Unko Chat

Yes, that is a cartoon pile of…unko above this app’s name. Unko Chat is meant to be used during those lonely, solitary moments spent on the toilet. Log on once you sit on the porcelain throne to chat with others doing the same. We wonder what kinds of conversations go on in these chat rooms…


3. Whisper


This is an anonymous online message board where users are encouraged to reveal their secrets to the world. The most popular “whispers” are featured on the site’s homepage. Users must pay $5.99 per month to use the app which is now being called “the anonymous social network.”

4. Gifzo


Gifzo is touted as the easiest way to create GIFs. Simply select the area, edit using hot-keys, and share. Unfortunately, this app is only available in Japanese. Although it’s not as easy to use, we suggest gifboom for those looking for an English app.

5. Slid.es


Slid.es is an online service that gives users “the easiest way to create and share beautiful presentations” on any device. Once you’ve made an account, you can easily create slides similar to PowerPoint or Keynote for free.

6. Kitchhike


Kitchhike takes the concept of hitchhiking and brings it to the kitchen. Potential hikers use the site to search for cooks willing to host at their house, allowing travelers a chance to experience local food and giving cooks the opportunity to meet new people. The site is recommend on Japanese websites as a way for Japanese people to meet foreigners.

7. Web Designer Japan

web designer japan

This website makes it easy to search for freelance web designers based in Japan. You can even narrow your search by region or specialty. (Japanese only)

Source: Creive