If you’re getting a bit sick of seemingly endless cat videos and GIFs (although we can’t imagine why!), then maybe it’s time for something different. Perhaps this could be the Year of the… Rabbit?! (Yes, we know that was technically two years back, but it’s catchy).

Like the rest of the world, Japan has no shortage of cute and crazy animal antics distracting us from all corners of the ‘net. There’s no arguing that the inimitable Maru is Japan’s pet star, but we think we might have a candidate for the next big thing in “animals doing what animals do, yet somehow being unintentionally hilarious”.

Time to introduce… Konatsu!

Konatsu is an adorable ball of fur, otherwise known as a rabbit, and she’s here to entertain you all by, well, actually by not doing much at all really.

Watch these videos to see what we mean.

First up, we have a video titled “Liquid MUHI’s Bottle & Konatsu”, where the chubby little bunny demonstrates her talent for balance.

In “Gang-style Konatsu” she tries to look tough in a pair of adorably over-sized shades. But the best thing is the nose: just look at that thing twitch!

And finally for today is “Konatsu eat Dry carrot”, which is pretty self-explanatory.

We hope to feature many more “Konatsu with things on his head” and “Konatsu being cute” videos in the future!

Source: YouTube Omatsu777