Many foreign tourists who come to Japan make sure to check out one of the country’s ubiquitous cat cafes before heading home. After all, if you’re a cat lover, what better way to relax in the middle of your busy schedule while still doing something distinctly “Japanese”?

But did you know that cat cafes are springing up in other parts of the world, too? Take Hong Kong’s Ah Meow Cat Cafe (阿貓地攤), for instance. Located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s major shopping district, the cafe is always jam-packed with curious customers. We wanted to share with you some photos from popular Canadian blogger La Carmina’s visit to the cafe, so sit back, gather up your feline friends, and start purring!

La Carmina is a popular Canadian fashion blogger, travel TV host, author, and lover of Japanese subcultures (oh, and she holds a JD from Yale Law School!). A cat lover and owner of a very cute Scottish Fold herself, she visited Ah Meow Cat Cafe late last year and shared photos from her trip on her official blog.

Ah Meow Cat Cafe has a total of 11 cats, all of which were adopted. Unlike the majority of Japanese cat cafes, it seems like this one has more of an actual “sit-down and eat” restaurant feel to it, complete with tables and booths. The cats are free to roam around anywhere inside.

▼La Carmina at the cafe (by the way, this is a tame hair day for her!)



▼No hairballs in the food, please.


▼The menu is packed with a plethora of adorable kitty-shaped treats.


▼Why not share the love with your own pet cat?



▼Cat decorations galore


▼Have fun fooling around with these silly kitty masks! You can also purchase of variety of cat-themed goods, such as stationary.


▼Grumpy cat chef and vampire kitty masks!



▼La Carmina’s got a soft spot for Scottish Folds.


▼All in a day’s work–people watching on the streets below


▼Time for my model pose!


Last but not least, here’s a video to enjoy!

In other news, New York’s first pop-up cat cafe last month was a tremendous success, and it looks like plans are in the works to open several new cat cafes throughout North America within the year. We hope this trend of kitty love continues around the globe!

 Ah Meow Cat Cafe (阿貓地攤)
Level 3, 2-6 Foo Ming Street, Po Ming Building, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Sources: NekomemoLa Carmina
Images: La Carmina