We’ve seen a number of special releases this year in honour of the girls from the popular Sailor Moon anime series. Now it’s time to pay some attention to Luna, one of the star felines from the cast, with this line of adorable cat-eared leather cases.

The four-piece collection is made from Japanese leather which has been embossed with planetary symbols from the Sailor Senshi. Complete with cat ears and featuring gold-coloured metallic parts in the shape of Luna’s crescent moon motif, it appears as if the black cat has shape-shifted into the collection to bring a bit of magic to our everyday!

▼ The Luna Leather Wallet retails for 21,600 yen (US$176), with a zipper coin compartment to protect coins and also space for 12 cards hidden inside the folds.

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▼ The flip-style Luna Leather Meishi Case (11,880 yen) features six pockets to tuck away meishi (business cards).







▼ Keep your keys safe in the four-ring Luna Leather Key Case for 8,100 yen.







▼ And you can take the guardian cat on public transport with the Luna Leather Commuter Pass Case for 7,560 yen.


Pre-orders can currently be made on the Premium Bandai website, with deliveries scheduled for January 2016. Now that we’ve seen Luna’s leather goods, we hope there’ll be a lighter-shaded version dedicated to her male friend, Artemis, the white cat, or even a pink series for their little kitten Diana, in the not-too distant future!

Source: Nijimen
Top image: Premium Bandai
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