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RocketNews24’s Director of Craziness gains even more international fame as the award-winning American news organization showcases his Donald Trump makeover.

As we get closer to November, the media is paying more and more attention to the leading candidates in the U.S. presidential election. And also, apparently, to people who look like them.

Those of you who pride yourself on keeping abreast of important current events will no doubt recall that roughly a month ago crack RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato decided that for his latest celebrity makeover he wanted to adopt the hairstyle, fashion sense, and mannerisms of property investor, reality TV star, and presidential hopeful Donald Trump. While “handsome” isn’t the first word we’d use to describe the results…

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…there’s no denying that Sato Trump, or “Satrump,” if you prefer, has an immense sense of presence. This is a man who will not be ignored, whether by his coworkers, the citizens of Tokyo, or even American newspaper The Washington Post.

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On April 5, the leading news organization for the Washington, D.C. area ran an article showcasing Mr. Sato’s post-makeover look. It’s a great honor, and we’re always happy to have the spotlight placed on the shiniest of RocketNews24’s crazy diamonds.

If you’ll excuse us for looking this gift horse just a bit in the mouth, though, we can’t help but be a little bit amused at the way The Washington Post described Mr. Sato’s antics as “perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek,” since it’s a proven fact that Mr. Sato’s tongue is stuffed so far into his cheek that he may as well be a hamster hoarding Sendai gyutan for the winter. Nevertheless, we think that for having the guts to cover the hard-hitting topic of Mr. Sato’s amazing transformation, The Washington Post deserves to win another Pulitzer, or maybe even two.

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Source: The Washington Post
Featured image: The Washington Post (edited by RocketNews24)
Top image: RocketNews24
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