Have you ever had one of those days in the middle of summer where just the 100-yard walk to the nearest convenience store and back has you panting and so parched you’d drink right out of the toilet bowl if it was closer than the sink? Well, we haven’t, cause that’s just gross and you should probably seek help if you’re drinking toilet water. Unless, that is, you’re drinking it out of this cute candy toilet!

The somewhat awkwardly named Moko Moko Mokoletto comes to us from Japanese novelty manufacturer Heart for the low, low price of just 2,000 yen (US$20) for eight do-it-yourself toilets. After you’ve assembled your toilet and applied the included eye sticker – which turns your ordinary toilet into a slightly too-excited-about-all-this porcelain friend – you’re ready to, um… get down to business.

Each Mokoletto includes cola and cider-flavored powders that foam up when mixed with water, bringing that delicious toilet drink that much closer to your mouth eager mouth.

We’d love to try this and give you a full report, but hey… you first.

▼ Check out a demonstration video here!

Source: Karapaia, YouTube RRcherrypie