With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to take a catalog of some of the finest seasonal cocktails available at Tokyo Disney Sea!

We’ve got a number of Disney-obsessed staff members here at SoraNews24,  and when it came time to sample the alcoholic offerings of the comparatively grown-up-oriented theme park Tokyo Disney Sea, the assignment went to our reporter Momo Momomura.

▼ Momo, only a little tipsy on one of her Tokyo Disney Sea trips.

But it’s not enough to only drink the delectable options on offer. Momo has estimated how long it’ll take you to have one of those beautiful beverages in your hand, so you can plan your bar crawl around the park with aplomb. Read on for her top three picks!

#1: The Sparkling Cocktail (Pomegranate and Blue Syrup)

Found in Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina, this striking violet tonic should take about two minutes to procure and costs 680 yen (US$6).

The sparkling cocktail is a rich, deep purple color, reminiscent of a villain’s heart stained dark with wicked deeds. Though it looks similar to a wine in color and consistency, it’s actually mixed from tequila, grenadine syrup, blue syrup and lime juice, all of which combine in the mouth to refresh the drinker with a zing of citrus freshness. Due to the tequila content, Momo cautions lightweights to take care with this drink. It’ll knock you right off your feet!

▼ Mickey and Minnie look eager to take a swig, too

#2: Beer Cocktail (Pomegranate Syrup)

You can pick up one of these crimson beer cocktails at Barnacle Bill’s for 680 yen, but beware: you should expect a wait time of up to thirty minutes!

Just look at that bubbling, juicy red. Evocative as it may be, it’s pomegranate rather than blood that gives this cocktail its vermilion sheen! The tartness of the pomegranate syrup pairs well with the foamy bitterness of the beer. Even if you’re not usually a fan of beer, this tasty concoction might just change your mind!

The waiting time listed isn’t unusual, as Barnacle Bill’s is just a small stand with one cash register. Keep this drink for when you can afford to linger to queue for it.

▼ A horde of thirsty buccaneers cluster in hope of a beer cocktail

#3: Beer Cocktail (Sour White)

The Sour White variation on the beer cocktail can be purchased from the New York Deli, again for 680 yen. It takes just two minutes!

This may just look like a regular beer (with cute sprinkles on top) but don’t be fooled: it’s packing a wallop of delicious fruity flavor! The red powder sprinkled atop of the beer bubbles is made from freeze-dried strawberries, and when mixed into the beer itself it lends it a welcome shot of sweetness. The drink winds up tasting more like orange juice than your standard beer.

▼ The staff at the New York Deli will whip one up right before your eyes

▼ The cocktail complements the Poison Apple Sandwich special perfectly!

Momo leaves us with an important tip for those who’d like to drink their fill at the resort:

“I noticed something while breezing through the park, sipping cocktails. The vendors styled as restaurants have a much lower waiting time, and so long as you’re not trying to go during lunch, the abundance of cash registers means customers can flow in and out easily. This isn’t true of the outside stalls, which usually have just one register.”

“If you want to drink and don’t want to wait, head to a restaurant!”

She also recommends everyone drink up while the park’s ongoing Villains campaign continues, as these cocktails will no longer be sold after October 31. Don’t drink too much, though! You can never tell what might happen, and Disney takes its customers’ safety very seriously.

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