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Who ever thought non-alcoholic beer could help you feel healthy and beautiful?

If you’re looking for a calorie-free, non-intoxicating alternative to beer, we have good news for you. Suntory Beer Limited’s “All Free Collagen“, the world’s first non-alcoholic beer product to contain collagen, has been revamped with a cute pop-looking can and even more flavor than before. Suntory released their first collagen-infused “All Free” drink in June last year, and it has apparently been popular enough for them to come up with a new version of the product.AF 0The new eye-catching pink can bears an illustration of a glass of frothy beer and green beer hops. The packaging also advertises the fact that the drink contains zero percent alcohol, zero calories, zero sugar and zero purine content. Plus, you get 2,000 milligrams (0.07 ounces) of collagen in each can! And, according to Suntory, they didn’t use just any ordinary kind of collagen, either. The company says that collagen molecules generally tend to be quite large, making them difficult to absorb, so, they used collagen peptides, which the manufacturer claim are better because they’re supposed to be about one-sixtieth the size.

▼ Their product page shows the ingredients used in All Free Collagen: barley malt that is also used in real beer, aroma hop for a slightly bitter yet elegant flavor, natural deep underground water and first press wort from malt.


According to Suntory’s description, all of this should combine to give the drink a fruity and zesty flavor with a refreshing aftertaste. They particularly recommend the beverage after a nice long aromatic bath. Hmm … that actually sounds quite nice, relaxing in a hot bath with your favorite scented bath salts and then quenching your thirst with a cool beer-flavored drink — and you don’t even have to worry about the calories or getting drunk!

It kind of makes us want to draw a bath right now just so we can have a can of All Free Collagen afterwards. And when you’re at a party and you need to avoid drinking, the non-alcoholic beer would be a good option if you’re feeling particularly conscious of calories and sugars. We also think the pretty pink cans would brighten things up at any get-together!

The All Free Collagen is now on sale across the country, and you might want to grab some if you’re in Japan and come across them at your local store, since it looks like they could be the perfect drink for when you want to go on a guilt- (and hangover-) free drinking spree.

Source: Suntory press releaseSuntory All Free Collagen product page
Top image: Suntory All Free Collagen product page
Insert images: Suntory press releaseSuntory All Free Collagen product page