According to Chinese media, around a hundred crocodiles escaped from a breeding farm in the Guangdong province of China late last week. Inhabitants of the area, who include young school children, are said to be fearful for their safety.

In an interview conducted with the operator of the crocodile breeding farm and the person in charge of the safety and welfare of the area, it was confirmed that crocodiles had indeed escaped from the farm. However, the owner of the farm also claimed that the problem isn’t as large-scale as is being suggested. He commented:

“This whole thing is being blown out of proportion. There’s no way a hundred of the fellas are on the loose. As soon as the problem was brought to our attention we moved as swiftly as we could. Four of the crocodiles caught were roaming around right in front of our eyes. Another two are reported to have been eaten by the local villagers.”

The investigation is being carried out around the clock and as of present there have been no further reports of stray crocodiles. It is thought that most of the students from the nearby elementary school returned home safely before 5 p.m. on the same day the incident occurred, however, some students remained behind at school. These students talked rather anxiously among themselves that they’d heard several hundred crocodiles had escaped, with the biggest being a whopping 25 kilograms (25 lbs). They also said that they were told by their teacher not to leave the gate of their school grounds.

Just how many crocodiles actually escaped and the precise extent to which the inhabitants are in danger remains unclear. Despite what the owner of the farm may say, hearing that a hundred crocodiles are on the loose surely can’t be all that nice a thought.

Source: China Express