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The beautiful butterfly, nature’s own lesson about the cycle of life. What starts as a lowly caterpillar, given enough time, transforms into a majestic winged beauty. Everyone loves the butterfly, as they flutter through the air, their brightly colored wings are a feast for the eyes. Which is why it’s so disheartening to hear of a butterfly exhibition going horribly wrong in China.

At a Henan Province science exhibition on September 28, over 10,000 butterflies and 100 species were showcased, a grand spectacle for all those who attended. Their beauty was prominently featured so attendees could see an incredible array of colors. It was a great time to learn more about the vibrant insect. But, perhaps what we learned the most about was human nature.

After the exhibit finished, the plan was to release 10,000 butterflies into a netted area so that people could see them up close and without the nuisance of cages. Unfortunately for the organizers, they didn’t predict that the gathered crowd would attempt to take the butterflies home with them.

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People scrambled to get closer and nab a butterfly for themselves, but that just caused more and more of the butterflies to be killed.

WARNING: Graphic images ahead for those who love butterflies!

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Organizers and butterfly lovers urged the crowds to stop trying to take them for themselves, but many wouldn’t listen, even resorting to looting the insects still in display cages. Cries of “Butterflies are also living creatures. We must protect all animals,” were heard, but most people didn’t seem to care.

It seems like you shouldn’t have to be told to not take the butterflies home with you. But we guess that important lesson was completely ignored at this science exhibit. Better luck next year?

Source: Toychan
Images: China News Service