Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess sometimes. Plied with champagne, pampered, flattered and adored. What if you could go to a luxurious bar and receive this kind of attention, from the man (or men) of your choice, selected at whim from a “menu” of attractive males?

This is one extracurricular activity you can get up to in Tokyo. It helps if you speak Japanese, but you might even find a host who’s fluent in English. This actually happened to my mother when we visited Shinjuku together. A good-looking, very well-groomed young man in a suit approached us and propositioned us in a strong Australian accent. I tried to explain to her what a visit would entail—it’s not a brothel, women go there to enjoy male company and attention. We didn’t end up going to a host club that night, but recently one intrepid RocketNews24 reporter took one for the team and visited one of these fine establishments, along with three friends. She spills the beans on her first time!

Being a woman in my 30s, I had dreamed of going to a host club for a long time. As I didn’t know how to go about it or how much it would cost, the chance never presented itself until now. But as the sands of the hourglass ran through my fingers, I realized I had to seize the day. Gathering up my courage, I went to check out the host club action in the entertainment district of Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

・Step 1: Wander casually around the host club district

Since everything was new to me, I decided to try loitering around the host club area of Kabukicho. Maybe because we were a group of women only, after three steps or so we were collared by enthusiastic touts eager for our business. With so much choice it was hard to know which to pick!

・Step 2: Find a representative from somewhere well-known to go with

At this stage, we bumped into a tout from a famous and long-established host club. Reasoning that “a long-established club probably won’t rip us off”, we followed him to his place of business.

・Step 3: Arrive at the Palace of Versailles

Entering the club, we were blown away! Red carpet, sparkling chandeliers. Is this Versailles?! Just being there was enough to feel like a princess. If we needed to, er, powder our noses, a host would escort us to the ladies room and act as doorman. It was pretty intimidating.

・”Don’t feel like you have to party up a storm; just relax.”

Our table of four women was assigned four smoking hot hosts. From what we’d seen on TV, we had the idea that it was all about popping champagne corks and wild partying. But come on, it’s our first time, be gentle! Taking pity on our awkwardness, one of the hosts told us not to force the party spirit. “Getting the party started is our job. It’s your job to relax and have a good time,” he said. First timers are usually nervous, and shouldn’t feel like they have to put on a show.

・All the hosts were great conversationalists, and things started to naturally heat up

After a little conversation, I was amazed at the wide-ranging knowledge of our hosts. Throwing them a few curve balls didn’t faze them one bit, they tossed them right back at us without missing a beat. Mmmhm, just what you’d expect from hospitality pros. Drinking and engrossed in conversation, an hour went by in no time at all.

・The bill is US$40!? That’s cheaper than going to the pub!

After we’ve had our fun, it’s time to pony up. We drank a lot, so started to wonder how much it was going to sting. But wait- what’s this?? Checking the bill, I was shocked to find it was only $10 (1,000yen) per person! With four people that comes to a total of $40… That’s cheaper than a usual night out! Even at a nice cafe, you’d expect to pay about $30 per person. I’d withdrawn $100 cash to be prepared, but didn’t even need it.

・First timers get a special price

Sadly, that was a special deal for first-time customers only. The second time you go, on top of the base charges you pay for drinks and to nominate the host of your choice, and it all adds up. The prices differ between clubs, but the first-time discount price applies in most host clubs.

・You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

By the way, host clubs are required by law to close their doors by 1 a.m. When the clock strikes one, the clubs close and it’s time for Cinderella to go home, so it’s better to get there earlier to enjoy your night to the full.

There you go, girls, all you need to know to enjoy your own night at a host club. If you do decide to let your hair down and try one out any time soon, be sure to drop us a line and let us know how it went!

Original article and featured image by RocketNews24
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