Roland’s plan turns his fans’ knees to jelly, but some say it’s a selfish waste of money.

Recently, we introduced you to Roland, the currently reigning king of Japan’s bar hosts. Between his fashionable looks and suave demeanor, Roland has earned a reputation as the most desirable drinking partner for women visiting the host bars of Tokyo’s Kabukicho district, where he plies his trade.

▼ Roland

As a matter of fact, Roland is so secure in his position atop the hot hierarchy that he’s even willing to give advice to other men on how to be popular with the ladies.

Through his official Twitter account, Roland recently shared a question he’d been asked via social media.

“I’m in junior high, and one day I hope to be a host like you, the great Roland. If you have any advice for how even a junior high school student can have a romantic date, please tell me.”

So what was Roland’s response?

Take your date to the movies, and splurge by buying four tickets. She’ll look kind of confused, but tell her ‘The only one who’s allowed to sit next to you is me, and the only one who’s allowed to sit next to me is you.’

The important thing is to not get embarrassed or nervous when you say it.

Looking forward to the day I see you as a host in Kabukicho!”

Roland’s bold plan quickly caused his fans to swoon, as they left comments including:

“Too cool.”
“I can’t even… ♡”
“I’m fantasizing about Roland doing this for me♡♡♡♡♡”
“If a guy did this for me, I’d fall for him right away.”
“So romantic. Such wonderful advice♡”
“My dear Roland! Your last sentence moved me to tears. You are so kind.”

However, there were also a few detractors, including more than one person who claimed Roland stole this idea from Japanese boy band Da Pump’s lead vocalist Issa. Other criticisms included:

“By buying two more tickets than you need, you’re making it so that two fewer people can watch the movie. That’s not romantic at all. It’s just being inconsiderate and wasting money.”
“What about the seats in front of and behind you? Do you have to but those too?”
“Don’t get cheap. Take her to one of those fancy movie theaters with private box seats.”
“Once you start buying two extra movie tickets, you’ll have to do start reserving two extra tables at restaurants too.”

Then there were those who wondered if a junior high kid’s budget would allow him to go buying extra movie tickets in the first place, though someone suggested that since movie tickets in Japan are always for specific reserved seats, you could cut down your expenses by buying the three seats at the end of a row, since no one is going to be sitting in the aisle.

Still, it’s clear that many of Roland’s fans would be quite smitten with a guy if he dropped the cash for a buffer zone around their date, even if the idea is being put forth, ironically, by a guy who makes his money sitting next to different women every night.

Source: Twitter/@roland_0fficial via Jin
Featured image: Instagram/roland_0fficial
Top image: Pakutaso