We’re sure many of you readers are as sick of hearing about the Japan heat as we are suffering it, so let’s talk about some different weather! In specific: Rainy days and umbrellas!

Posting on Japanese news and community site My Navi News, a university student has asked the online community for its take on his somewhat unique predicament he found himself in after using everyone’s most hated insect to prevent his umbrella from being stolen.

While the Internet might not be the best place to go for advice, it’s starting to seem pretty normal for people to hop on the Net whenever they have a serious problem. Fortunately, this one is more silly than serious.

After becoming fed up of his umbrella being stolen every time he left it unattended during rainy days, one university student decided to tape a cockroach to the inside of his!

Sure enough, someone stole his umbrella and let out a scream when they saw his little friend staring them in the face.

Running outside, the student found a furious first-year female student with his umbrella. Upon asking what she was doing, the woman admitted that she was, indeed, trying to steal it, but then she accused him of going to far by taping the cockroach to it.


The young lady then started shouting at him, claiming that she would take the matter to the student affairs office and have him run out of school. Baffled, the student pointed out that she had stolen his umbrella and that the cockroach wasn’t even alive.

In the end, the student got his umbrella back and he thinks the woman probably won’t steal umbrellas anymore, but now he has an entirely new paranoia: getting thrown out of school.

A little freaked out that his co-ed would make good on her promise to report him to the student affairs office, he took to the Internet to get the opinions of total strangers.


As may be expected, pretty much everyone was on his side:

Of course the thief is the one in the wrong here.

You didn’t do anything bad. Don’t worry about it.

I think the woman is in the wrong here. Even if you did go too far, it’s your own umbrella, after all! If she tells the student affairs office, when she says that she stole it, it’ll all be on her.

You did nothing wrong. I really think you did absolutely nothing wrong. This is just one solution to being wronged. If you’d done something like go after her with a knife, then it would be a completely different story, but this is just giving someone a little surprise.

It seems to us that the woman was probably just embarrassed and trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation by putting pressure on the umbrella’s rightful owner.

Don’t worry, buddy! If nothing else, the Internet has your back!

Source: My Navi News
Image sources: Wikipedia (Umbrellas, Cockroach)