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Japanese temple puts up three messages of wisdom the Internet should take to heart

The monks know us better than we do.

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Japanese communications company to introduce AI love advice specialist

Who says experiencing real love is a perquisite for answering all of love’s tough questions?
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Marriage advice on the internet: Not always as bad an idea as you’d think

The internet isn’t all trolls and memes. Sometimes, out there in the wilds, there is genuine human connection and empathy to be found. And in this case it’s surfaced on Japan’s own version of Yahoo! Answers, of all places. Read on for one man’s saddening plea for help with his struggling marriage, and the moving advice he received online.

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Woman accidentally tweets new iTunes card codes, the obvious happens

There are quite a few people who immediately turn to the Internet for advice, which, in general, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Posting a quick question on Twitter or Facebook can net you a large pool of helpful responses, provided you have the right friends.

That said, you really need to be careful about what you post and how, as one Japanese woman learned the hard way after posting her brand new iTunes card numbers when seeking advice about how to register them.

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‘Say hello to my little friend!’ Irritated umbrella owner surprises thief with cockroach

We’re sure many of you readers are as sick of hearing about the Japan heat as we are suffering it, so let’s talk about some different weather! In specific: Rainy days and umbrellas!

Posting on Japanese news and community site My Navi News, a university student has asked the online community for its take on his somewhat unique predicament he found himself in after using everyone’s most hated insect to prevent his umbrella from being stolen.

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