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Japan loves ice cream, so when Ben and Jerry’s started opening locations here in 2012, it was welcomed with open arms.

But the Vermont-based company didn’t just bring its assortment of tasty flavors with untranslatable pun-based names. It also brought its well-known commitment to social activism with it. In keeping with those values, Ben & Jerry’s Japan is offering free ice cream to encourage people to vote in the country’s upcoming election.

Collecting on your free treat isn’t quite as simple as walking up the counter and shouting “I’m gonna vote!” but it’s not that much more complicated.

Ben & Jerry’s Japanese website currently has a page asking people to “put the same amount of thought into choosing the future leaders of Japan as you do into choosing your ice cream.” Visitors are asked to choose which of Ben & Jerry’s flavors they like the most, a stark contrast to all too many political elections where people have to select the candidate they dislike the least.

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After choosing your favorite flavor, a message will appear asking to post a comment on your Facebook page declaring “I’m going to vote in the election next Sunday!” Grant permission, then show the page to the clerk at Ben & Jerry’s for a free small ice cream. We’re guessing a smartphone is the easiest way to do this, although nothing on the company’s website says you can’t bring in your laptop, or your desktop from the office with a really long extension cord.

▼ The permission request

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▼ The post

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▼ The candidates

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▼ And the sweet reward

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The promotion runs from July 21 to August 4, and the offer is only good at three Ben and Jerry’s locations in Tokyo: Lalaport Toyosu, Omote Sando Hills, and Coppice Kichijoji.

We’re not ones to foist our political ideologies on others, but if you need help picking a flavor of ice cream though, our head food critic recommends strawberry cheesecake, triple caramel crunch, and Oh My Apple Pie!

Hold on, strawberry? Apple? Caramel?! No chocolate or mint? Outrageous!

You know what, maybe political and ice cream affiliations both get people too hot under the collar for polite conversation.

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