Buy a take-home ice cream selection, receive adorable Pokémon merchandise!

2020 has been a turbulent year for many of us, and so as the end of December edges closer and 2021 comes into view on the horizon, some of us are already concocting ways to ensure we start this year off right. In Japan, many are preparing to forego some of the most traditional New Year’s customs to maintain social distancing; gathering together to ring a temple bell or catch the year’s first sunrise is a bit too risky considering the whole global pandemic.

Luckily, there’s a Japanese New Year’s tradition that’s perfectly suited to these socially-distant times: food! Ice cream vendor Baskin-Robbins Japan (known within Japan as “Thirty One”) is especially interested in contributing to families’ New Year’s feasts, as they’re yet again teaming up with Pokémon to bring us a tasty treat with a tantalizing free gift.

The Happy New Year Pokémon Variety Pack is a welcome sight, with a brand new Galar-sprinkled package to usher in 2021. They can be bought in six-piece or 12-piece variations, with the choice of small or regular scoops. Depending on the size of gift box you buy, or if you buy one of the decadent Pokémon Winter Towers which come with eight regular-size scoops of ice cream, you can net anywhere from one free ice cream bowl to four!

A small-sized pack of six ice cream servings will reward you with one bowl, and a regular-size pack of six gets you two,. A small-size pack of twelve will get you three, as will ordering the Pokémon Winter Tower. Finally, a regular-size pack of twelve will allow you to receive four free Pokémon ice cream dishes!

▼ The designs star Pikachu with the Galar starters (Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble) and Eevee, in four cute colors.

The promotional bowls will only be offered while stocks last, so make sure to grab a variety pack or tower once the promotional period starts on January 1. The campaign will continue until stocks run out, and Baskin-Robbins allows you to pick your own flavors for the variety packs, so we’re sure all Pokémon fans worth their salt will want their order to include at least one scoop of the Pikachu-themed flavor that looks like it’ll be coming back.

Source: Baskin-Robbins Japan via Entabe
Images: Baskin-Robbins Japan

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