Cats may rule the Internet, but who rules the cats?

Baby white lions, of course! And if you happen to be in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, here’s your chance to see them in the fur.

The Himeji Central Park, located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, has five baby white lions which are available for public viewing starting this month!

These little cubs are less than a month old, and look almost exactly like stuffed animals come to life. From their oversized paws to their sleepy eyes to their pure white fur, these five fluff-balls are so cute that they should probably come with warning labels! “Caution: Exposure to lion cubs may cause excessive squealing.”

The babies are all either full or half-siblings, sharing the same father. There are two mothers–one gave birth to male twins and the other had two boys and one girls.

Compounding their adorability is their complete lack of coordination. As you can see in the video below, the cubs have three primary modes of movement: flopping, fumbling, and flailing.

The park employees are doing their best to help the mothers raise their babies. For both of the lionesses, this is their second birth, but one of them was having some trouble caring for her young. The other has taken to menacing the staff with her babies gone, though the park staff report that both the mothers and the babies are healthy.

For information on visiting Central Park, you can check out their website (Japanese only). The cubs can be seen whenever the safari park is open–as long as they’re feeling well enough. The safari park features white tigers, cheetahs, hedgehogs, and more!

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