winning 11 2014

Earlier today, video game heavyweight Konami Corporation unveiled a new page on its official website dedicated to the newest instalment in its popular football series World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 (or Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 in the West), along with a new trailer showing the game off in all its ultra-realistic glory.

Whether you’re more of a FIFA Soccer fan than a Pro Evo player or not, there’s no denying that Konami’s newest kick-a-ball-into-a-designated-space-in-a-field-em-up is looking pretty swanky.

Set to launch in Japan this autumn, as well as running on a modified version of the engine that will be the driving force behind Metal Gear Solid V and boasting the most realistic in-game physics in the series to date, Winning Eleven 2014 is fully licensed by UEFA, as well as–for the first time ever–the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) League.

Despite the Japan-centric advertisement at the top of the page, Pro Evolution 2014 will be available for PC and Xbox 360 as well as the advertised PlayStation 3, PSP and Nintendo 3DS.

PlayStation Vita owners noticing that their infinitely sexier platform has been snubbed in favour of the technically inferior PSP should join this writer in sending angry thoughts in Konami’s direction who, in an interview with Kotaku back in June, stated that the PSP was chosen since there is still demand for the game on that platform and that the team working on that port is “very small.”

Source: My Game Newsflash
Images/video via Konami Related: Kotaku