What’s your 100m sprint time? If it’s over 23.8 seconds, then you’re slower than a 90-year-old! Last month Japan’s Turbo Granny smashed the Japanese record for her age category and now has her sights set on the world record.

The record-breaking race took place at the 30th Kyuushu Masters Athletics Championship Series held on July 28th at Kagoshima Athletics Stadium. Running in the “90 years and over” category of the women’s 100 metres, Mitsu Morita of Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture smashed the previous Japanese record of 50.9 seconds by completing the race in an incredible 23.8 seconds!! I’m not sure if I can run it in that time now, and I’m supposedly in the prime of my youth.

As well as her physical fitness, Mitsu certainly doesn’t seem to be lacking in competitiveness and determination. After winning, she said, “It’s a shame because I was down to 21 seconds in practices. Next I want to beat the world record of 23.18 seconds”. What an inspiring woman.

Actually, Mitsu already has a string of world records under her belt. In 2003 she broke the world record for the 200 metres 80-84 category with a time of 40.78 seconds. In 2005 she was in the 85-89 age category, sprinting her way to records in the 100 metres (19.83 seconds) and 200 metres (45.65 seconds). I’m sure she can shave that .62 seconds off her time and take the world record for the 90+ 100 metres too!

▼ A TV segment of Mitsu at 88 years old. (Japanese).

Japanese Netizens’ reactions were positive overall:

She’s probably faster than me lol

Turbo Granny!

I can’t believe she can even walk at 90

I’m in my 40’s and I don’t even know if I could run 100m

I hope she lives long enough to break the 100+ record!

She beats most fat nerds just by being able to run the full 100m

Good luck! (with breaking the world record)

All comments were supportive, except for one not-so-encouraging netizen:

I don’t know what to say about that photo…

Sounds like someone’s jealous! Good luck, Turbo Granny, we’re cheering for you!!

Source: HimaSoku