A massive collection No Face would be proud of.

We’ve seen a LOT of Ghibli goods appear in Japan over the years, and while we thought our collection of piggy banks, Soot Sprite erasers and Totoro LeSportsac bags was pretty impressive, it turns out we can hardly call our collection a collection at all.

That’s because one fan overseas has just put us to shame with her whopping collection of Ghibli goods. In fact, her stockpile is so large she’s just been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Studio Ghibli memorabilia.

▼ Chihiro and Yubaba are as surprised to hear the news as we are.

We had no idea that collecting Ghibli memorabilia would be a category to make it into the Guinness World Records, but now that it’s there you might want to start counting the items in your own collection, as the current number to beat is 1,304.

That’s the number of licensed and official Studio Ghibli merchandise owned by the holder of the record, Eloïse Jéglot, a makeup artist and tattoo model living in France.

The Guinness World Record was presented to Jéglot in Paris on 7 October last year, but it’s only now that we get to see her vast collection, in a new video uploaded to the Guinness World Records YouTube channel on 17 February.

▼ Take a look at the video below:

The video shows Jéglot has an entire room dedicated to her Studio Ghibli collection, which includes 10 items that have meant a lot to her since the very beginning.

Those items include a figure of Jiji, the black cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, who reminds her of her own cat that sadly passed away, and a more recent item, the now sold-out Spirited Away 20th anniversary hopping lantern, which she describes as a “masterpiece”.

▼ We splurged on one of those lanterns as well, and we agree, Eloïse — it really is a masterpiece.

Jéglot’s collection is a treasure trove filled with all sorts of Ghibli gems, and it’s already grown since she received her award, as she mentions at the end of the video that she owns 1,496 Ghibli items.

That number looks set to increase in future, as the diehard fan vows to never stop collecting, saying, “it’s my passion, it’s my life”. That passion clearly comes through in the video, where the sense of joy each item brings her is as heartwarming as the films themselves.

With the new Ghibli Park scheduled to open in Japan this year, Jéglot’s joy index is set to spike again in autumn, when a slew of new merchandise will become available to commemorate the opening. And this time, if she’s lucky, she might wind up welcoming two new and very unusual characters to her collection.

Source: Guinness World Records
Top image: Studio Ghibli
Insert images: Studio Ghibli, © SoraNews24

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